Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Uniformity and Process

Consistency is a main virtue of a baker.  Same temp, same size, same shape, same recipe, same result, day in, day out.  I was struck when visiting Biscuitville (my favorite fast food biscuit) that they put in tools or cheats to make their biscuit-making "like homemade" yet as close to idiot-proof and uniform as possible.  First, they have in big numbers "2 12" written on their flour scale, I assume to indicate that the desired weight per batch is two pounds, twelve ounces.  Secondly, they have little nubs on the end of the rolling pin (see below) so that each biscuit is rolled to the correct height (not too squashed, not too tall).  Through training, they actually get pretty good results for a fast food biscuit.  I assume there are other cheats involved, but I haven't signed up to become a biscuit-making employee there as yet.

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