Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Consumer Exhaustion

Consumer exhaustion is real.  In the 1980s, television advertising seemed to aggressively interrupt programming and become a true annoyance, but now everything we do appears programmed and marketed.  The emails I get, the banners, the images in my feed, down to how everything is merchandised at the supermarket.  Consumption is an everyday desire now in a way that feels pushed upon us and insidious.  When sending out social media (we have a listserv, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook), I'm thinking consciously about contributing to this psychic clutter.  You have to play to get people interested in your products, but it is a fine balance of information with sensitivity to overloading.  There are times I really want to spend no money because I feel so overwhelmed by all the marketing, but then I also feel times where I am drawn to consumption as if it is part of a circadian rhythm.  My whole existence within consumer capitalist culture leaves me with an overall feeling of exhaustion while at the same time I'm decrying the poor to mediocre quality of the goods and services that I often have to choose from.

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