Monday, April 27, 2020

Climate change and reduced energy usage

The amount of energy that were using right now, that is what we need to be using in total going out to have any noticeable impact on climate change. This is exactly how much oil we need to be using every day.

Friday, April 17, 2020

Things I didn't think I would be doing a month ago

Things I didn't think I would be doing a month ago:

  • Wearing masks 
  • Taking temperatures daily with a contactless head thermometer
  • Running deliveries to our parking lot
  • Arranging virtual playdates for my son
  • Being both bored, isolated, and worried how payroll was going to work our next month
  • Submitting an application for federal stimulus money
  • Sanitizing everything all of the time
  • Trying to go to the grocery store as little as possible
  • Regularly worrying about my parents and sisters
  • Receiving so many Facebook friend requests of people I haven't heard from in years, and even Facetiming them