Thursday, November 2, 2023

Artisan Baker Raven Norris


My name is Raven Norris and I'm the Artisan Bread Baker here at Ninth Street Bakery. I grew up
on the small island of Ocracoke, NC where I spent most of my time on a surfboard or waiting
tables to save up for a new one. 

As I watched my home get all but washed away during Hurricane Dorian in 2019, something was telling me I probably needed a change and moved to Durham on a whim shortly thereafter. 

Flash-forward to April of 2023 -- a desire to pursue a career in baking led me to Ninth Street. Coming in with very little experience, the plethora of knowledge that has been gifted to me from everyone here is priceless. My passion for the craft has become so immense and I feel so lucky to come to work and do what I love surrounded by lovely people. The only feeling that rivals taking a beautifully risen batard out of the oven, is the one I get when I look across the bakery and see a customer like you taking one home to share with friends or family.

If there are fresh baguettes in the basket, I'm around so don't be a stranger. I'm always happy to
answer any questions you may have about the bread or just say hello :)

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