Tuesday, December 19, 2023

Best of 2023

Styles: Yussef Dayes

Israel reporting: Ezra Klein

Live Cut: Tioga Pass

Holiday Gift: Queen George's Ginger, Lil' Farm

Anticipated Opening: Missy Lane Assembly Room 

Cocktails: Arcana

Album: Black Classical Music, Yussef Dayes

Concept Bar: Night School

Restaurant: Little Bull

Bar to Dodge a Cell Signal: Accordion Club 

Boutique: Parker & Otis

Burger: Alley 26

Bagels: Isaac's

Chef in America: Corey Lee (Benu)

New Opening: Cheeni Durham

Coffeeshop Vibe: Cocoa Cinnamon Hillsborough Rd.  

Espresso Drinks: Joe van Gogh 

Words: Brittle; Cringe; Gentleness
Uglification of Durham: Atlas Durham; The Vega

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