Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Team Spotlight: Ronnie

Author's note: In celebration of a successful year and in anticipation of a new year full of growth and camaraderie, we want to begin 2018 by introducing you to the members of the NSB team.  From our 'family' to yours, we look forward to seeing you soon.


"Treat your coworkers like family," Ronnie told me when I requested advice on the best way to integrate into the Ninth Street team.  We were walking through the process to open the bakery's cafe on an unseasonably warm Sunday morning - one of my first days.

As a one-year veteran of NSB, Ronnie has become the primary closer for the cafe.  You can find him there most days. It didn't take long for me to witness Ronnie acting on his own advice. He exercised patience, leading me to the back-up stock of napkins, and then to sugar and then reminding me to keep an eye on coffee levels.  There was only kindness as he answered and re-answered my questions.  Ronnie extends this same willingness and enthusiasm to our other colleagues - taking on whatever additional tasks need to be accomplished during down-times at the cafe and even filling in for delivery drivers when needed.  This is what Ronnie says he likes best about Ninth Street - never feeling stressed because the team is willing to help accomplish whatever needs to be done.

While soft-spoken, there should be no doubt that Ronnie has become an expert in all things related to the cafe.  He can gracefully and succinctly compose any sandwich order before I can even find the listing on the menu.  Ronnie shares his knowledge to offer suggestions and guidance based on dietary preference or craving.  Looking for something sweet?  Ronnie's favorite is the blueberry cream cheese danish.  And next time you stop in for lunch, be sure to catch Ronnie behind the sandwich counter and ask him to whip you up another favorite - the Italian.

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