Thursday, January 25, 2018

Team Spotlight: Rachel

Rachel's mantra: "keep doing what you love.".  Putting this advice into practice, she has been part of the Ninth Street team for a year, and does not expect to depart any time soon.  Rachel is no stranger to food service.  Throughout her career, she has worked as a relief cook and in a variety of other roles within the industry.  However, arriving at NSB, she was new to bread baking and relied on bakery owner, Ari, to teach her everything she knows.  Now a knowledgeable baker, Rachel has earned her place at the bread table, where she lends a hand to each step in the process.  Her favorite?  The challenging brioche.  Beyond bread, what keeps Rachel doing what she loves at Ninth Street?  Without hesitation she points to her colleagues on the team.  Unlike her past teams, she compliments the work ethic, pride in product and attitude of those around her.  Having witnessed the energy and enthusiasm that Rachel brings around the table, I'm sure the compliment is mutual.

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