Friday, January 12, 2018

Team Spotlight: Felix

Most days you will find Felix in the back pastry room at NSB crafting any of the pastries enjoyed at the bakery - bear claws, danish, cinnamon rolls, croissants - Spanish tunes playing in the background. In fact, Felix trained me in pastry preparations on my first day at the bakery. For hours he laminated and cut dough while I formed and trayed. He may not be a man of many words, but when I requested a change to a Reggaeton station, he obliged, and teacher and student quietly bonded over Latin dance beats. Having only joined NSB 7 months ago, Felix has already seemingly mastered his craft, knowing the distinct process of each pastry by heart. He represents one more example of how our each individual makes the Ninth Street team special - kind, patient and willing to teach.

If you have time this weekend, come sample some of Felix's fine work at the bakery or at either of Durham's Saturday Farmers Markets.

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