Sunday, August 30, 2015

Lisa Sorg Fired

Lisa Sorg, editor of the Indyweek and longtime friend of the Bakery, was fired from her post August 12th without notice or warning.  Apparently, the new owners of the Indyweek were unhappy with controversial issues such as "You Lost.  Get Over It." (re: Confederate Flag judgement) and wanted an editor more in touch with mainstream Raleigh, which sounds to me like a bad case of the blahs.  The Indyweek was exciting under Sorg's tenure precisely because it was controversial and challenging.  To dumb it down and make it into the type of toilet paper that passes for a weekly in other cities is to do a disservice to our little speck of blue in the otherwise red state of North Carolina.

I'm saddened for Lisa to lose her platform to raise issues of racism, inequality, injustice, and corporate and governmental malfeasance in the Triangle.  When I faced tough days over the past two years at the Bakery, I could always look at the Indyweek display near our entrance, and whether it chronicled the latest hit restaurant or Duke Energy fiasco, I would literally say, "Thank God for Lisa Sorg, at least someone out there is saying the truth and calling it right."

You can find Lisa's writing now at Bull City Rising.  Feel free to express your displeasure to Indyweek Publisher Susan Harper:

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