Sunday, August 30, 2015

Hunt Street Farmer's Market Wrapup

Hunt Street Market Patrons let us know, in no uncertain terms this past Saturday morning: MORE BLUEBERRY CREAM CHEESE DANISHES PLEASE!  Before 10AM, these moist, tangy, sweet and juicy blueberry treats were completely gone from our table and into the hands of our guests.  

Favorites this week also included our Pumpkin, Cranberry/Orange, Carrot, and Blueberry Muffins, Brownies with Walnuts, Chocolate Swirl Buns, Almond Croissants, Ham and Cheese Croissants, Butter Croissants, and Chocolate Croissants.  

What about the donuts, Becky?  What about the Donuts?!  Joel was on vacation and it was looking like we might not have have donuts at the Market once again.  Ari asked if I would like to come in and learn how to mix, roll, cut and fry donuts.  How could I say no?!  Putting donuts in hands and smiles on faces is one of the best parts of my Saturday morning.

And so that is just what I did.  Working alongside Ari, I learned that making donuts is not complicated work, but it does require dedicated attention to detail and precision care. We fried up four Cake Style Donuts; Curry, Cinnamon Sugar, Cardamon/Nutmeg/Cinnamon, Old Fashioned.  I also cut Brioche Donuts that Ari later fried and filled with Cannoli cream, which were sensational!  I cut a couple up for sampling and tried one myself, and the rest left in paper bags or gripped between a sheet of wax paper with happy market goers.  

We will be out at Hunt & Foster street again, from 8AM to noon, for the first Saturday in September!  Stop by and say "Hi", and try a bite of something new.


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