Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Product Review: Heinz Sriracha Ketchup

In the wake of the multitude of Sriracha-themed products entering the market comes Heinz' Sriracha ketchup.  A good idea poorly executed, I was saddened to read the small print when I returned home from market -- there is no actual Sriracha in this ketchup, Sriracha "flavoring" only.

What does it taste like?  Ketchup mixed with dehydrated barbecue sauce.  It's not even spicy (I would grade it a one or two out of ten).  There is very little red chili flavor, almost no sour flavor, and the salt is muted by the sweet molasses and tomato flavors.  Sriracha lovers should pass.  The only question I have is what I should do with the rest of this bottle.

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