Monday, December 22, 2014

Durham DOUGH Recap

Last Saturday, we launched our first community-driven pitch party, Durham DOUGH. Four community organizations presented their projects while the audience enjoyed Dal and Thai Curry Bowls. The presentations featured youth conservation and faith projects, a puppet troupe for at-risk youth, a talent show for developmentally disabled adults and teens, and a start-up pecan milk company supporting North Carolina pecan growers. Rachel Atkinson, the entrepreneur behind Native Beverage, the local pecan milk company, took home the winnings. A big thanks to our presenters and all those that turned out to eat and vote. We look forward to launching our next pitch party in February!

Got a community benefiting project? Let us know (at ninthstbakery at gmail dot com) and we'll give you a chance to win some dough.

Durham DOUGH Ballot

Audience Members
Youth Faith Conservation Network

Reality Ministries

Scrappet Nation

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