Monday, March 19, 2018

Manifest V: Pour

What a menu! Thanks to all our guests who joined us at Pour Taproom for Manifest V. The performances from Dan Enarson and Grace Henley were especially moving. We were able to raise $850 in one night for JusticeMatters. Please email info at if you would like an invite to our next event in April.  Extra shout-outs to Andrew, Andrea, and Anne for being super-volunteers.


Menu 11 March 2018
A Benefit for Justice Matters

Beers, Wines, Ciders as Selected by Pour Taproom


Sprouted Wheat Miche with Olive Oil

Roasted Vegetable and Greens Salad with Lime Citrus Vinaigrette and Green Chickpea Hummus

Fingerling Patatas Bravas

Greens, Garlic, Stock

Sliced Steak with Fermented Black Bean Sauce 

Meringue with Cinnamon Cream

Brandied Raisin Couronne

Sour Cream Apple Honey Tea Cake 

The 10 Commandments of Manifest

1.     Communal tables
2.     Prix Fixe: A Planned, Rather than Selected, Variety.
3.     Priced So All Can Afford to Eat
4.     Health, Freshness, and Real Foods
5.     Facilitate Culinary Creativity via (Ingredient) Deconstruction
6.     Less Waste
7.     No servers, No Tipping
8.     No Cult of the Chef
9.     Use the Venue for Performance
10. Good Hospitality is Not a Service to Rendered but a Gift to be Shared

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