Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Ms Jacqueline

As many of our regulars know, Ms Jacqueline Wilkins has been out on extended medical leave.  Jacqueline is in many ways is the heart and soul of the Bakery.  When I think of generosity and love, I think of Ms Jacqueline.  Having worked at the Bakery for over twenty years, many of our regulars come in simply to see her and kibbitz with her. She has been saying every month that she will be coming back the next month, and now we are hoping for November for her return to the Bakery in a part-time capacity.  The Bakery wishes her the best for a speedy recovery and can't wait for her return.


  1. We miss her friendly smile and greetings. Hope to see you back soon-

  2. We can't wait to see her!! Been missing the hugs and good cheer! Thinking good thoughts for her each time the pups and I stop in!

  3. Miss you and your loveliness so much. Love you!