Sunday, July 6, 2014

Lil' Farm: The Sweetest Thing

Every year since I started the Berenbaum's Bakery, we have tried to collaborate with George O'Neal, proprietor of Lil' Farm.  Last year, we did a Lil' Farm to Fork pop-up dinner at NSB, and this year, we have been sourcing more veggies from George for the Cafe.  This year was the second that I got to spend a day out at the farm to walk his fields and talk plants, breads, and foodie-ism in general.  I arrived on a hot day with my two-year-old son Elijah at the tail end of strawberry season (about a month ago).  Those late season berries, water hungry, were like sugar on the vine, literally jam in berry form.  It had to be the sweetest thing I'd tasted in a long time.  Shouts to George for doing his thing again this season, with help from his crew: Lily, Eric, and Dominique.  His farm expanded this past year with a large hoop house where cucumbers and tomatoes are growing from floor to ceiling held up by tethers.  We wish him the best and please please visit the man the next time you go to the Durham Farmer's Market, and tell him the appreciative folks at NSB sent 'ya.

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