Wednesday, June 11, 2014

NSB in Transition

I never thought I would find a work colleague who would like Kendrick Lamar, Earth Wind and Fire, and Hall and Oates, not to mention UGK and Galt MacDermot.  Chef Matt Props and I first met the Summer of 2012, and collaborated for over a year doing Saturday Night Pop-up dinners as well as other events.  Together, we helped to transform Ninth Street's cafe, adding more daily vegan options.  So it is with a sizable dose of sadness and nostalgia that I say that Matt is going to reduce his time at Ninth Street to focus on another job.  Here he is in his own words:

When we started our Pop-Up concept with an ode to the humble Ramen noodle, we had no idea how far it would take us. Over the past 14 months we have crafted menus based around every cuisine that intrigued us… some personal to us, some new and exotic, all intended to nourish and delight. Our customers have become our friends in that time and we've routinely solidified those bonds over many a plate of food. Durham has supported us in a way that leaves us feeling blessed and amazed and we will be forever grateful for the love we've received from y’all.

As bittersweet as it is to say, this Sat (6/14) will be the final installment of our Vegan Pop-Up series. I've accepted a position as the Healthy Eating Specialist with Whole Foods in Cary and while I'll still work with the Bakery in a production role, I'll no longer have the time or energy to continue the Sat dinners. Our café will still feature many of the (Vegan) foods you've grown to enjoy (if not more than we currently offer) and future (periodic) events are definitely a possibility.

All in all, the collective ‘we’ would just like to thank everyone who ever attended a dinner. Your patronage and friendship allowed us to push ourselves creatively and gave us a platform to showcase our nerdy Foodie interests. You helped us create a truly unique experience that we will always cherish.    -- Matt

Though Matt will no longer be at the helm on Saturday nights, he will always be family at Ninth Street, and we wish him the best.  With his help we will continue to produce his signature items, the Falafel, the Thai Curry, the soups, etc. We thank all the customers, vegan and otherwise, who have supported our crazy culinary ideas, who have come and tasted food inspired by the farthest reaches of international cuisine.

So please come out to your last two special meals prepared by Matt, Chef's Choice on Saturday Night and Vegan Brunch on Sunday.

For Matt:


  1. So sad to see Matt go, but I'm happy for him and his future career! I hope you will keep the all vegan dinners on Saturday nights with the MANY gluten free options. The dinners have been amazing and have been a staple to me and my friends. No where else did we have a whole menu full of options. It was nice to have a place to go where we can trust the food, chef, and staff. I hope Ninth Street will keep that alive for us!

  2. We're sad as well. 9SB's Vegan dinners and Matt's personality drew us to the restaurant on as many Saturday nights that we could make it. We hope that you will continue to remember that there is an incredible liberating feeling for vegans and vegetarians alike when they don't have to wonder and question whether their food has any animal products in it. I guess we'll have to take the ride from Chapel Hill to Cary to visit Matt.