Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Shout-out!: Morgan

Morgan G. is the charismatic face of Ninth Street Bakery’s vegan kitchen operation. She’s not vegan and chooses to stay far away from kitchen work, but she’s everything we could ask for as the third member of our trifecta. If you’ve ever chatted with her at the counter, you understand why that is.

I’m always impressed by Morgan’s ability to provide customer service that is genuine and consistent. Beyond being upbeat and patient, her communication skills make her a perfect liaison between the kitchen and the customer.  The skill sets that she contributes are ones that Matt and I certainly lack, so we would never want to run the dinners without her.

What you don’t see behind the scenes is that when Morgan isn’t helping a customer, she’s organizing, cleaning, filing, or doing other helpful jobs that are necessary but that no one else has the time to do. The same helpful, considerate nature that she shows to the customers is shown to Morgan’s co-workers.

If you haven’t yet introduced yourself to Morgan during a Saturday night dinner, definitely do so. The girl’s got tons of creative style (she runs her own vintage company and makes jewelry), so be on the lookout for her contributions to a much-needed makeover of the café space.


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